Monday, September 18, 2006


Dear Friends,

Traveling to SE Asia is beginning to feel like going home since I have been to this area 3 times within a year and have made many wonderful friends.

During this trip I got to meet the very talented dancer Mey Jen in Hong Kong, where I taught several workshops graciously hosted and organized by her. Also in Hong Kong I met another lovely and talented dancer, Brandy who kindly chaperoned me during her free time.

In KL, I participated in the Dance Exchange at the International School of KL, where I taught a couple of workshops to young dancers from several countries in Asia, thanks to Karen Palko and Paola who recommended me.

I spent one week in Alor Star, Malaysia with Annie Ong,(Instructor) who hosted me for workshops, private lessons and a fabulous totally sold out Hafla which was a very elegant event at the Sentosa Hotel, and included a several course meal, delightful performances by dancers of many levels, and too many other details to list, all making the evening memorable. It was the first Belly Dance Show of this stature in the state of Kedah, and I was honored that Annie selected me to be part of this chapter in the history of our beloved dance.
Annie, her family and her dancers made my stay in Alor Star unforgettable and showed the Malaysian hospitality at its best. I made many wonderful new friends.

I am now on my way to Jakarta, where I will meet Venyci Yefriadi for a few more days of performing, teaching and taking lessons in Indonesian traditional dances.

I will post photos as soon as I return to the USA and have time to catch up.

Please, be advised of the following events:

Classes resume in October at: Reeves Community Center, Martinsville, Surry Community College, and the new site in Galax!!!

Oct 21: Release of Klutz 2 Diva DVD with Deeba and workshops in Mt. Airy, NC. If you would like a Foundations of Belly Dance workshop, or just want to learn a new and exciting form of exercise, you don't want to miss this.

I also have a new instructional DVD (Technique) 101 Shimmies, Part 1 ( 1hr and 30 min)

Other events are on the schedule at my website calendar:

Thanks for reading this post.

Best regards,