Monday, December 25, 2006

Answers to FAQ about the Lotus Dance Retreat

Hi fellow dancers,

Below are some answers to questions I have received so far.

1) What is the name of the airport in Bali?
Denpasar . Airport code is DPS

2) How much are the classes?
The whole week package: 27 hrs of instruction is only around $264 US
This is approximate because of the fluctuation of the dollar. This price is valid if payment is received by FEB 24. (check on exchange rates, and please read about forms of payment and to whom)

3) Do we have to take all the classes?
No, You can register for even just ONE class. Also pay any time, even at the door (but no discounts there)

4) How much is the airfare?
Depends on your dates. The cheapest fares are from M-Th.
As of today, Dec 25th, airfare from Charlotte, NC to Bali was ONLY around $1,250 including all the taxes and fees though a website called International Airfare -using Cathay Pacific. Cathay also has a great cancellation policy you should check into! (In case of emergency and illness) I have flown with them and Malaysia Airlines and I would recommend either.

5) How much is for the hotel? Do we have to stay the whole week?
The Jayakarta Hotel is a 4 star hotel with all modern conveniences, and right on the beach. Also, included in the room bookings is the privilege to hold our classes there so we don't have to take taxis, or walk somewhere for classes. The cost for 8 nights is $350 based on double occupancy. We can help you find roommates if you are traveling alone. Write to me for shorter stays or single rooms! Deposit of $250 required to me by Jan 24th, because I have to transfer those funds to the right agency.

6) How much is for the whole retreat?
We decided to keep the prices flexible based on what each participant wants to do. Otherwise, you would be paying for services or classes that you would not want. This is a service that benefits the participant, since we are not earning any money as part of a "package". You pay ONLY for what you get.

7) What are the levels of the classes?
The foundation classes are for beginners, but even experienced dancers always learn a new step for their vocabulary or a combination to use for their students or own choreography, etc.
The choreography classes and the Shimmy class are targeted for more advanced dancers, but beginners can learn new steps, get a "feel" for new styles and learn combinations. One always learns if they keep their eyes and ears open.

I hope these answers help you for now. Please, write if you have any other questions. We have dancers coming from all corners of the world. This is a magnificent opportunity to meet other dancers, learn from us and from each other, and make lifetime friendships.