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Lotus Dance Retreat in Bali

BALI, March 26th - April 1st, 2007
Jayakarta Hotel, Seminyak, (Legian Beach)
(Week day classes held at the hotel’s convention hall. Weekend workshops at a fabulous site.....!)


Visit a thousand year old temple, an imposing volcano, a stunning lake and peaceful rice fields
Night of drumming and dancing under the stars in a fabulous mountain retreat
Enjoy a Balinese Traditional Dinner
Swim in a natural thermal spring pool
Pamper your body and soul with a spa or massage
The most amazing sunsets on earth
Experience the magic and haunting beauty of Balinese Music and Dance
Go shopping for famous Indonesian Spices and Essences
And dance, dance, dance!
This dance that has united women throughout the ages will unite women from around the globe in this special event.
Bali was chosen as the site of this retreat because of its organic harmony of nature and culture. Belly Dance also combines the natural movements of the body with a cultural context evolved over thousands of years.
(please see booking information on the registration page)
This retreat is truly distinctive not only because of all the new dance experiences that you will have, but also for these reasons:

*The hotel is affordable, and also is conveniently located to facilitate the participants in their own pursuits and interests before and after classes. (later emails will specify ALL that is provided)
* Participants have the support of being part of a group, but also have REAL free time to do things independently, paying only for what they choose to do.
*Two helpful organisers are Bali residents and know all kinds of local places for authenticity and affordable prices.
* They also know all the “must experience” places.
* You will have the opportunity to network with dancers from around the world.

Nevertheless, as with any event involving many people, unexpected things happen. Therefore, all organizers reserve the right to make comparable substitutions for any class, site, or tour as deemed necessary by causes beyond their control. Keep your heart open, your structure flexible, and your senses ready to assimilate every minute of this awesome experience.


Samra, Jamilah and guest instructors will teach a broad spectrum of Belly Dance styles, rhythms, and movements for all levels. The focus will be modern and traditional Arabic and Turkish dances, and the use of props including sword and fire. Fusion with Samba will be one of the offerings. Joyce will help dancers channel their inner power in her class, Martial Arts for Dancers. Yoga and Balinese dance classes are included.
The Saturday night show, “The Shimmying Stars of Bali” will feature participants and instructors.

SAMRA (Iara Kendrick)

Samra has dedicated over 15 years to study multi-cultural dances with the greatest masters around the world.
she teaches regularly in Virginia and North Carolina USA, and has taught workshops in several states in the USA and other countries, including Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, and Bangkok, HongKong and Jakarta.
She has also travelled to Europe, Mexico, Canada, Egypt, Turkey and Bali to immerse herself in their cultures and learn more about their dances.
She is originally from Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
Her specialties are Middle Eastern, Latin, and Polynesian dances, as well as her continued study in other ethnic styles. Samra's performances are enhanced by her passion for interpreting dances of other cultures, her technical skills, and use of authentic costumes and music.
Her artistry has long lasting impact on students and audiences as evidenced in remarks by those who experience it.

JAMILAH (Rebecca Kaal) – Bali/Australia

Jamilah is passionate about belly dancing. She started dancing 8 years ago, when she initially joined a class for fitness and found that she had a natural ability and affinity with the artform. Since then, she has attended and performed at many workshops, retreats, concerts and festivals in Australia. Jamilah is a guest instructor at The Dance Company in Bali. She is looking forward to the upcoming Lotus Retreat in March 2007 and sharing her knowledge of the art of Oriental Dance.

JOYCE STECH - Martial Arts for Dancers

Joyce Stech has a long and interesting history and philosophy of life. Successful in many endeavors, she is very well noted for her martial arts accomplishments and is quite diversified in the energy healing field.
Joyce is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified Light Language Instructor, Certified Reiki Master, Reflexologist and an NLP practitioner. She has two locations in Summerville,SC and Martinsville,VA.. Ms. Stech received her Shihan (Master/Teacher) license in Okinawa and is the only female in the United States with this honor. She holds various degrees in several styles among them, a 6th dan in the Okinawa KonanRyu Kohokan Karate Kobudo Kyokai, 5th dan in Okinawa Koshin-Ryu, 4th dan in Shorin-Ryu Matsumura Seito, and 4th dan in Yamani-Ryu Kobudo.

Description of classes taught by Samra:
Belly Dance Basics
Samra will introduce 3 basic components of Contemporary Oriental Dance:
*Slow rhythms and movements
*Moderate rhythms and steps
* Percussion/Drums and isolations
Dancers will become more aware of their bodies and how to control its movements with muscular focus

Music Interpretation for Choreography and Improvisation
Whether a dancer is choreographing in advance, or on the spot – improvising, the music tells us what to do do, if we know how to listen! In this class Samra will provide guidance on how to interpret various instruments, tempo and dynamics. Also ethnic styles will be explored as an important factor in determining the manner and demeanor of the dancer.

Now that you have learned all those new moves, how do you put them together? To help with these building blocks Dancers will learn 32 count combinations to use for:
*Slow rhythms
*Moderate rhythms and steps
* Percussion/Drums and isolations

Keep your audience’s focus on you by adding variety to your show: Add interpretive props. Samra will teach combinations for Veils and Cane, and combinations, balancing, and safety tips for dancing with Sword and Fire. Moderate floor work will be included.

All About Arms
Samra will go through a vast vocabulary of arm movements and poses from various dance styles that may be incorporated into Oriental Dance and other forms of Belly Dance to help the arms be more graceful and part of the dance: Persian, Turkish, Central Asian, American Tribal, Latin American and Egyptian!

101 Shimmies Part 1 and 2.
Part 1 will cover various types of locks, lifts, drops of various sections of the body and cover basic shimmies.
Part 2 will include tricky hip combinations and several kinds of shimmies of the hips, shoulders, ribcage and chest.

A Drum Solo Choreography can be added as an additional workshop if requested. Also possible is a Drum Solo using a Veil!

Belly Samba
There is a lot in common between the Brazilian Samba and Belly Dance although they are distinctive styles of dance. Samra will teach a choreography that fuses both styles to a Brazilian song of percussion and a bit of mandolin.

SATURDAY - Dance like an Egyptian!
SUNDAY - Discover your Gypsy Spirit!
Don’t hesitate to contact Samra or 1- 276- 236-4533 if you have any questions.

Description of Classes taught by Jamilah:
Veil Choreography
Jamilah will teach 2 one hour classes. She will teach a veil choreography which will be performed by the willing participants in the Saturday night dinner show.

Description of Classes taught by Joyce:
Feminine Empowerment
Martial Arts for Dancers: Channeling the energy.

At this Retreat you choose in what you want to participate. This gives you more freedom to explore your own interests and only pay for the services you use, and which classes to take.
It is requested, however that we all stay in the same hotel if at all possible.

For bookings or further information about the retreat and show contact :
in Bali
Rebecca 789 7553
Alli 0812 383 7891

in the USA
Samra 1- 276-236-4533
Besides weekday classes and evening outings, we have:

( This includes Spit-roasted pig with trimmings, vegetarian alternative, vegetable curry, condiments, traditional desserts juice, tea and coffee The price also includes one to two drummers for an evenings dancing under the stars, plus transport from and to hotel)

Workshop participants in at least 5 hrs of classes will have priority for performance slots.
Written class notes will be provided
CERTIFICATES for weeklong participants will beprovided
Music and DVD of the choreographies will be for sale to workshop participants for further practice.
Weekend choreographies are new and exclusive for this retreat.

Samra, Jamilah, Joyce, or any other instructor or organizers of this event, or the proprietor of any building where activities are held are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen property of participants or companions. Furthermore, they are not responsible for any injury, accident or harm.
If any participants engages in illegal behavior or any behavior inapropriate by the standards of the Balinese culture, or if it is detrimental to the image of the Lotus Retreat Organizers, the organizers have the right to remove those individual from the group without a refund.

Samra, Jamilah, and other Bali residents will send a complete package of information about what to pack, what not to bring, what to bring, Visa information, and many tips to make your dance holiday pleasant and memorable. Meanwhile, you can browse the internet to make your own discoveries.

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Author of the 101 Shimmies Volume 1 DVDCo-author of the Klutz 2 Diva Volume 1 DVD for absolute novices.Co-organizer and instructor of the Lotus Belly Dance Retreat in Bali, March 26-April 1 2007