Sunday, May 06, 2007

Turkish Delight Dance Workshop: New Flavors

Turkish Delight Dance Workshop: New Flavors
Hi Everyone,

May 19th - Samra of Fancy Gap, VA Turkish Delight Dance Workshop: New Flavors??? Samra (Iara Kendrick) will teach combinations to modern and upbeat Turkish Pop music including music by Tarkan. She will start by introducing social Turkish Chifititelli and Folkloric, Romany and Oryantal steps, providing a vocabulary to interpret Turkish popular music. During the second half of the workshop, Samra will teach veil choreography to a genre of music known as Turkish Arabesk Fantasi, which is described as the "Blues of Istanbul." It is a melodic style that blends Arabic instrumentation with Turkish vocals. Some double veil moves will be taught during the technique segment preceding the instruction of the choreography.

Send checks payable to:Women of SelketPO Box 36806Richmond, VA 23235For more information contact: Alice 804-320-4416 or Fran 804-784-2980

Come and dance with us. If you want to perform at the Hafla I recommend that you call one of the numbers below ASAP.

The cost at the door for each workhop of series is $40.