Wednesday, December 05, 2007


DVDs Clarification
In response to various inquiries from dancer friends around the world:Some of you may have seen a "Belly Dance Total Workout For Body Shaping" with Samra for sale at various venues. To make a long story short, I am NOT the person on the cover and it is not a Total Workout For Body Shaping DVD. Instead, this version is an excerpt remastered by a distributor of an instructional video that I authored and produced independently using rhythms by the fabulous Uncle Mafufo. It introduces 6 rhythms, 14 combinations and 8 special types of shimmies, plus short clips of drum performances on stage. The original DVD is entitled "101 Shimmies Vol 2" by Samra and is available at my website and also at and Create Space E-Store.
Next week I (Samra) will be releasing SHIMMYROBICS, which is more of a workout DVD, containining 1 hr of basic instruction for beginners followed by a 50 min workout using 5 combinations in repetitions to progressively speeding tempo to the great music of Sayed Balaha, courtesy of Balaha Records USA. It also contains a warm-up and cool-down. This Shimmyrobics DVD will also be available directly from me, Barnes and Noble and perhaps Ebay at a later date, or any vendor who wishes to carry them.
I will soon be completing "101 Shimmies Vol 3" to conclude the series, which will be a Drum Choreography to "Clap Happy" by Uncle Mafufo, and will use material from 101 Shimmies Vol 1 and 2.I just wanted inform everyone of what is original, and that the Total Body Shaping claim of the "Belly Dance" DVD used by that distributor was not my idea and is practically beyond my control, as is the photo of the beautiful young model on the cover :-(
Thanks for your support and for helping me spread the word. I will be glad to answer questions privately upon request.