Tuesday, February 05, 2008


In Southwestern Virginia:
At Moving Arts Center:
Classes are now ongoing in these subjects. Students can join anytime until late spring when classes may be offered at different levels. There will be a recital in early Summer when students who wish to perform may do so. Check out these classes: Salsa, Belly Dance for Children and Adults, Creative Dance, Popular Dance, Mother and Toddler, Shimmyrobics and World Dance Exercise.
February 16
YOGA workshop by Tran Shipman. Tran is from China and later Vietnam and has resided in the USA for many years. She works as a legal secretary besides teaching Yoga at Carroll Wellness Center and various locations when invited. 10:00-12:00. Fees $15 until Feb 9, afterwards $20.
FREE DANCE EXERCISE WORKSHOP with Samra 1:00-2:00 for invididuals who have been diagnosed with cancer and is considered a "Cancer Survivor". To register call or email to register. Limit 10 persons.
MOTHER AND DAUGHTER WORKSHOP (child 8 and above) - World Dance Exercise. Great time spent together having fun and getting fit. 2:00-3:00pm Special one time fee. $15 for BOTH if registered by Feb 12

Full day of Workshops and Performance At the Southwest Virginia Training Center:
ARMS, WALKS, HIPS, ENTRANCES AND EXITS with Alexandria from Beckley, WV. Alexandria is the Best Kept Secret in West Virginia where she has had an accomplished career as a teacher and performer for over 30 years. She has performed and taugh through out the Southeast. Her performances are always remembered for her exuberance, expressive arms, complex footwork and intricate hip patterns. She will share as much as she can in 2 hrs.Don't miss the opportunity to study with someone who has developed a unique and joyful style.
Registration at 9:30 Class 10:00-12:00
12:00-1:15 Lunch and preparation Show. (Pack your lunch or you may order lunch at arrival from one of the local small or fast food restaurants)
1:15-2:00. Show by participants for the Residents and Staff of Southwest Virginia Training Center. This delightful audience looks forward to our performance each year and it is a rewarding experience for us all
2:30-4:40. WINGS OF ISIS Choreography with Samra. This is brand new Choregraphy to Nebidity Manain and contains various segments that can be easily changed by the dancer to make it "her own". PARTICIPANTS DO NOT HAVE TO BRING WINGS, but they must bring 2 veils, safety pins and either 2 small wooden dowels or plastic venetian blinds pull (found at any department store where they sell blinds). I really recommend this.
FIRST 30 MINUTE OF THE WORKSHOP will be spent learning HOW to make your own wings. Anyone who has an iron, needle and thread and bit of patience can make their own wings. Samra will show how she has made all her wings!!!

MARCH 18-APRIL 8 - Samra will be teaching in Bali, then going to Hawaii to expand her knowledge of Hula and the Hawaiiaan Culture.

APRIL 19, 20 - SAMRA returns to Danville!!!! This time for a full weekend to include:
Double Veil 102 - Participation in her introductory Double Veil workshop is not necessary. But this workshop will focus on moving from a double veil move to another in smooth transitions and combinations. The sketch of a double veil choreography will be presented, so dancers can create their own double veil dance from beginning to end and include double veil moves as one veil, entering the veils and dancing between them, separating, forming designs, joining then, and covering up IN STILE all possible mishaps that can happen due to wind, fans, and other unpredicatable surprises. Samra will share her several orginal tricks to get inside the veil. (2 hrs) (Saturday 6:30-8:30)
SHIMMY- Samra has produced 4 instruction DVDs with Shimmy as the topic! She will take you through a Shimmy Tour of the Body, from head to toes, and introduce you to various types of shimmies, besides the basic 3/4, 4/4 and 2/4 Shimmies,Egyptian Shimmies, and Muscle Shimmies, plus Felahi, Hagallah, Ghawazee, Brazilian, Flamenco, Tunisian, Roman (not Gypsy),Algerian, and more. If you are a bit sore gluts and thighs the next day, you have done "good". Bonus:Toned gluts and thighs for the rest of your life if you practice regularly :-) 10:00-1:00
Afternoon - Showtime!!!! Shalimar (Donna) is arranging a beautiful place in Danville for the partipants to show their best as a benefit for a local charity. Star polishing that dance, and searching your wardrobe for your look for the occasion.