Saturday, May 24, 2008


How Was Bali?
Lotus Dance Retreat has come and gone and everyone unable to go is asking how was it?
Bali as always was enchanting. This year our retreat spent 3 nights at the Batukaru Mountain Resort, and 6 nights at Pelangi Bali Resort on the Beach. This gave the opportunity for the participants to have more diverse experiences. Although we all loved the beach, the shops and other tourism activities, we were all sad to leave the mountain resort. It was 3 days in paradise. It is located right in the heart of a tropical forest in the mountains, in a very personal setting with comfortable accomodations, wonderful food, and entertainment brought each evening just for our group. We enjoyed A Balinese show, a night of Drumming and Dancing under the Stars, and on our first night after our yummy welcoming meal, we were entertained by our talented host, Richard, to his melodious singing accompanied by his guitar. If you go to Bali, be sure to stay at this magnificent, yet affordable place on top of the world.

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Our participants this year were from Norway, Ukraine, USA and Guam. Our instructors were Siri, Samra and Barbara.Barbara Donahue was a guest instructor. Due to the sudden illness of one of our planned core instructors she taught more classes and did a great job filling those slots at the last minute!
We had a real wonderful time, whether we were in classes, or dancing at the two shows we presented at Pelangi Bali, exploring the natural beauty of Bali, going for massages, elephant riding, or doing what we do universally: shop.
While staying at the beach we counted to Yani, our travel representative to take care of all of our needs. From carrying her laptop around to offer emergency internet services, to taking photos and videos when we forgot or got too busy to do it, and just about anything that we needed. If you plan to visit Bali for any reason, I strongly recommend her to take care of your travel needs. She becomes a member of your family and takes great care of everyone during their stay.

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We hope to see you at a Lotus Dance Retreat in the future. Probably the next retreat will be closer to the USA to accomodate those who wish to participate but are unable to make the journey to the other side of the earth. It is certain, however that the Lotus will resurface somewhere soon, so keep your eyes open for announcements. Until then...